Rental Agreement

Bull City Beds, referred to as the RENTAL COMPANY, and you, referred to as the CUSTOMER, hereby agree:

The rented furniture, referred to as the FUTON/BED, shall be used at the customer's room and may not be moved to another location without the prior consent of the RENTAL COMPANY. It shall be a breach of the rental agreement for the CUSTOMER to move the FUTON/BED from this location. The RENTAL COMPANY will deliver the FUTON/BED to the CUSTOMERS residence at or near the start of the rental period free of charge. The CUSTOMER will have two (2) days to notify the RENTAL COMPANY via email that the FUTON/BED is in unsatisfactory condition. If such notification is not received within two (2) days, the condition of the FUTON/BED will be deemed satisfactory.

If, at the beginning of the rental period, the CUSTOMER decides he or she does not want to proceed with the rental, the RENTAL COMPANY will pick up the FUTON/ BED and issue a refund minus a 40 dollar fee.

At the conclusion of the rental period, the RENTAL COMPANY will pick up the FUTON/BED free of charge. The CUSTOMER agrees to return the FUTON/BED at the conclusion of the rental period in the same condition as when it was delivered. If the CUSTOMER would like to extend the rental period for any reason, a fee of proportional to the time needed or a fee of $20 in the case of an extension for graduation will be charged.

In the unlikely event of a complete or partial destruction of the FUTON/BED while under the use of the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER shall notify the RENTAL COMPANY via email immediately following the incident. The CUSTOMER shall pay the RENTAL COMPANY the cost to replace or repair the damaged piece(s). These costs shall be determined solely by the RENTAL COMPANY. Should the RENTAL COMPANY discover the FUTON/BED to be in unsatisfactory condition at the conclusion of the rental period without having been previously notified by the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER will be charged an additional fee of $20. The CUSTOMER agrees to pay all assessed costs within two weeks of the conclusion of the rental period.

The RENTAL COMPANY is not liable for any injuries related to the FUTON/BED.

Furthermore, the CUSTOMER agrees to keep all College-owned property in his/her room.

The RENTAL COMPANY does not compound multiple discounts. However, in the event that the RENTAL COMPANY announces a discount/promotion larger than a previous discount/promotion in the season, the CUSTOMER is entitled to the largest discount/promotion upon request-verbal, written, or otherwise.